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Singapore’s best home karaoke system!

Why choose Powerhouse Home Karaoke as your home karaoke system provider?

Quality Assured
Powerhouse Home Karaoke has been the market leader for home karaoke systems in Singapore since 2010. Our products are tested with the highest standards of quality with stringent quality control before reaching into the hands of our customers.
No Monthly Subscription
Updates for Powerhouse UBOX are cloud based and can be updated via internet for FREE.

Unlike traditional systems, you will not need to carry your system to our service centre monthly just for a simple update.

Authentic Firmware & Hardware
All Powerhouse Home Karaoke products are equipped with firmware which are programmed and assembled in Singapore.

Powerhouse Home Karaoke products comes with a 1 Year Warranty + Full After-sales Service Support for a worry free karaoke experience!

Proper Multi-Language Interface
Developed & assembled in Singapore, Powerhouse UBOX, have been programmed with multi-language interface function to suit our localize needs. More specifically, the base of the system is programmed locally with proper English, so “Say no, to systems with bad English!”

Now Available in Bahasa Melayu & 华语中文 Interfaces!

Best Sound System
Powerhouse Home Karaoke have a range of audio products to suit the needs of every customer. From our very own U8 Karaoke Sound Bar to Powerhouse Professional Karaoke Sound Systems, everyone can now enjoy karaoke at the comforts of our home!
Dedicated After-Service
We have a Full-fledged Service/ Repair Centre to help you with any after-service needs.

Thus, you can count on us that you will be still singing it in many years to come!
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