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Home Karaoke Experience

Our UBOX Karaoke Touchscreen System is unlike any other touchscreen system. Together with an extensive songs library of Romanised and Remastered Songs, we are Singapore’s most popular karaoke system!

“Even your grandma will find it easy to use!”

Singapore’s Only Songs Creation Team

Romanised Karaoke Songs

Sing Korean, Japanese, Hokkien and Cantonese songs without knowing the language! Our In-House Karaoke Songs Team have re-created thousands of songs with romanised/pinyin lyrics for your home karaoke singing pleasure!

“Can’t read Korean? No problem!”

Upgraded Home Karaoke Experience

Remastered Karaoke Songs

Our In-house Karaoke Songs Team have also recreated and remastered thousands of karaoke songs with incorrect MVs to their original HD quality.

“No more bikini woman MVs!”

刘文正 – 热线你和我
MCR – Welcome To The Black Parade

Powerful Search Feature

Our UBOX Karaoke Touchscreen is the only karaoke system that supports alternate names for singers. Search For Your Favourite Singers using Initials, Name, or even Alternate Names.

“Search 周杰伦 using his English name, Jay Chou!”

Karaoke Songs Categories

Can’t think of a song to sing? Browse through our categories of karaoke songs made for each and every Singaporean!

“Songs for NDP, Christmas, CNY, Hari Raya and more!”

Largest Songs Library

Browse for your favourites in the largest karaoke song database in Singapore! Enjoy unlimited access to all 17 karaoke song languages without the need to pay more.

“All 17 songs languages at one price!”

Largest Karaoke Songs Library


Browse and select karaoke songs from your sofa using your mobile phone! Works on any phone, no installation needed!

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