Since 2010, Powerhouse Home Karaoke have been creating karaoke studios in the comforts of homes. Our affordable Home Karaoke Systems are able to deliver the true karaoke experience without taking up too much space in our land-scarce Singapore. See what our customers have to say about our unique Home Karaoke Systems which they have been enjoying so far!

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“It is actually a damn good investment! – We’ve been spending so much $ on singing K so when we discovered @powerhousektv we decided to give it a go and IT IS ACTUALLY A DAMN GOOD INVESTMENT! 😂 the system is pretty damn dope 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻”

Tammy Tay

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“It’s really so easy to use! – There’s a touchscreen panel and we can also control everything with @powerhousektv’s exclusive app with our phones! Importantly, their songs are regularly updated and the variety is huge (with many kids songs). If the song you want is not in, you can also request for it! LOVE IT!!!”

Clara Chan

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“My family is loving the system!– I tell you, installing a KTV system in my house is like the most wuhua idea ever, cos EVERYONE in my house loves singing ktv! Best part it’s a one flat price, don’t have monthly subscription fee all that!”

Yina Goh

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (Google Review)
“Excellent after sales service with free system and song list updating. – I bought my Powerhouse Home Karaoke system in 2017 and am still very happily enjoying the system. Huge song list collection and awesome speaker system! Highly recommended! Singing fanatics, check them out!”

Koh Mui Leng

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“Strongly recommend to those who wants a simple turnkey setup yet having professional results. – Had a very very impressive service and response from this company from purchase to installation guide. Hope this company can maintain such high standard of service yet value for money. Happy Singing!”

Aston Soon

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“Bought my set of 4 years back for repairs and amazingly they were still able to do it. – Kudos to the bosses! Not only that, they upgrade the software for me for free, and check through the whole system to make sure everything was perfect before i got it back. Will recommend my family and friends to buy if you need a home karaoke system.”

Maverick Tan

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“The best thing to get this circuit breaker period! – super easy self-setup & super sleek home karaoke system. #dreamcometrue”

Jang Shiki

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“Love how we can choose songs using the app or our voices! – All set up in the comforts of my home! There’s no need to walk to the touchscreen to select your songs when you can do it from the app!”

Novita Lam

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“So great to have a karaoke system in the house!! 👍👍”

Tricia Ong

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“Highly recommended for family who enjoys karaoke. – Had bought the karaoke set for more than 3 years. The song database are huge. The sound from the speaker is amazing. The company provide free updates. Had just gotten mine upgraded recently and the system is working perfectly fine with additional interface.”

Al Iklash

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (Google Review)
“They are friendly audio professionals!🤗 – Good after sales service, & I especially like their honest opinion in catering to what I need, for e.g. the right range of device spec audio coverage needed according to my room size. I have always enjoy the visit to cozy PowerHouse K showroom. I have just gotten my system update at zero cost this afternoon!”

Marimo Shin

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“The support is fantastic! – Even on public holidays, there will be someone picking. We had problems with the wireless mic and the support was patient and guided us step by step to fix it.”

Peggy Lee