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Key Features of UBOX

Be amazed with the best home karaoke system currently available in the market, with a user friendly experience that let you sing your favourite songs at your fingertips. See the features below that differentiates our products from our competitors.


Main Feature: Always Updated With The Latest Songs To The Oldies

Powerhouse UBOX Karaoke Box is always updated with the Latest Songs to the oldies as well.

We have a dedicated team to look for popular songs which Singaporeans are looking for and if we do miss out any, you can always Request New Songs or Request New Artist. Making sure our library database is the strongest in the region.
Home Karaoke Latest Songs
Home Karaoke System

Feature 1: 15.6 Inch Touch Screen Monitor (AIO System)

Powerhouse UBOX Karaoke System has a 15.6 Inch Monitor with Seamless “Capacitive Touchscreen” (similar to touchscreen on smartphones), giving the user a pleasant experience when using it.

It is also an All in One (AIO) Karaoke System which means that the main player is build-in together with the monitor, thus making the system compact and reducing wire mess.

At 15.6 Inch, it is made to be Compact making easy to fit in any space, even in small rooms or apartments like HDBs or Condos.

Feature 2: User Friendly Program Interface (Even For Elderly)

Powerhouse UBOX Karaoke System main feature is the user friendliness of our system. You will not need to read the user guide to use our system, that’s how user-friendly our system is!

In addition, we have also added a “Mandarin Telegraphy Recognition System” for elderly who might not be familiar to English alphabets / characters.
User Friendly Karaoke System
English Karaoke System

Feature 3: Full Proper English Software (Multi-Language)

Powerhouse UBOX Karaoke System is specifically programmed to be a World Class System with proper English interface.

In addition, you will still be able to select other languages, for example Mandarin or Malay Interface if you are less familiar with English Interface.

Feature 4: Stable Digital Hardware

Ever used a karaoke system where when you pressed a button on the controller, you would have to wait 2-3 seconds before the system loads? Say goodbye to it forever!

Powerhouse UBOX Karaoke System used a digital hardware, where every action you make reacts seamlessly. For the hardware wise, it made compatible to our software system, thus reducing bugs, lags or crashing when using it.
Stable Hardware Karaoke System
cloud update download

Feature 5: Cloud-Based / Online Updating of System

Comparing to our competitors in the market, if you purchase a system from them and would like to update it, you would require to bring the system back to their place for the update, and that update comes with a admin fee.

But when you purchase a Powerhouse UBOX Karaoke System, you will be entitled to Update your system via Cloud absolutely FREE! That also means you will be purchasing a ‘future proof’ system and will be singing in many years to come!
Product Specifications
U8 190626_sm

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