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Refer a friend, Everyone Earns!

Share the joy of owning a home karaoke system to all your friends and receive up to $100 per referral. Your friends will also get rewarded as with a up to $100 discount off their purchase price.


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Refer A Friend Home Karaoke - Friends Referral Programme

How does Refer A Friend works?

Step 1: Refer a friend, by sharing this page
Step 2: Your friend will show the referral and give us your details when purchasing to obtain their promo discount.
Step 3: Once system is fully paid and collected, you will get your referral fee.

How much will you get?

Product(s) Purchased You Get Your Friends Get
UBOX Only S$50 S$50
U8+ Karaoke Soundbar Only S$50 S$50
Powerhouse Professional Karaoke Sound System Only S$50 S$50
UBOX + U8+ Soundbar S$100 S$100
UBOXmini + U8+ Soundbar S$50 S$50
UBOX + Powerhouse Professional Karaoke Sound System S$100 S$100
UBOXmini + Powerhouse Professional Karaoke Sound System S$50 S$50
Streaming Box + U8+ Soundbar S$50 S$50
Streaming Box + Powerhouse Professional Karaoke Sound System S$50 S$50
Terms & Conditions for Powerhouse Friends Referral Programme applies.

Yes, it’s that simple! Share now.